Pottawatomie Christian Home Educators Association

We are Christianin orientation and leadership, as are most of our members, but we do not exclude anyone from membership on the basis of their doctrinal beliefs.

We are home educators*committed to helping each other accomplish our educational goals, to support one another in love and to strengthen and promote quality home education in our area.

We are families who espouse various educational philosophies, use a wide spectrum of curricula, and teach children at many levels from pre-school through high school.

We are one of many groupsaffiliated with OCHEC - Oklahoma Central Home Educator’s Consociation (www.ochec.com)

*PCHEA believes that homeschooling is the privately funded, home-based education of children by their parents or guardians. Therefore, we do not provide membership to families participating in government-funded virtual, charter, or any public school at home programs. If your family needs help in transitioning from a government-funded program, we would like to assist you with information and support.

All members should conduct themselves at all times in a way that honors God. This includes affirming the biblical definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. (Genesis 2:24, Mark 10:6-9)

Dec 10, 2011

Caroling: Dec. 15th

Christmas Caroling
Thursday, December 15th

Meet at Heritage Church at 6:30. After caroling, we will gather at the Schwab's house. Bring a plate of baked goodies to share.

Mom's Night Out: Dec. 13th

Mom's Night is Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 7 p.m. at Sips. Please bring your ideas for Christmas traditions, books, crafts, & fun activities. Come share ideas or get new ideas for this Christmas. Hope to see you there!!

Dec 1, 2011

December 2011 Newsletter

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The date for the December Mom's Night Out is wrong on the newsletter.
The correct day is Tuesday, December 13th
at Sips, downtown Shawnee, 7 pm.