Pottawatomie Christian Home Educators Association

We are Christianin orientation and leadership, as are most of our members, but we do not exclude anyone from membership on the basis of their doctrinal beliefs.

We are home educators*committed to helping each other accomplish our educational goals, to support one another in love and to strengthen and promote quality home education in our area.

We are families who espouse various educational philosophies, use a wide spectrum of curricula, and teach children at many levels from pre-school through high school.

We are one of many groupsaffiliated with OCHEC - Oklahoma Central Home Educator’s Consociation (www.ochec.com)

*PCHEA believes that homeschooling is the privately funded, home-based education of children by their parents or guardians. Therefore, we do not provide membership to families participating in government-funded virtual, charter, or any public school at home programs. If your family needs help in transitioning from a government-funded program, we would like to assist you with information and support.

All members should conduct themselves at all times in a way that honors God. This includes affirming the biblical definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. (Genesis 2:24, Mark 10:6-9)

Aug 31, 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

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the September newsletter.

NEWSLETTER EXTRA, PCHEA Entrepreneurs Bazaar 1st Week in December - Since the young entrepreneurs were such a success at the Back to School Fair, we have decided to do it again!! This time it will be open to all PCHEA members, regardless of age. You can sell crafts, gifts, baked goods, advertise a family business anything you like as long as it is appropriate per the code of conduct. We wanted to get this out to you all early so you will have plenty of time to get things ready. This event may be advertised in the local paper to bring in more customers. More details to come as the date gets closer. In the meantime, get busy!!

Aug 30, 2010

Game Night: September 17th

Hi Peachies!

Our plan is to have a Family GameNight on a monthly basis, and we're just about due for another one. The plan is to have another one September 17th at the "Heritage Baptist Church" on Bryan in Shawnee (2100 N Bryan Street). (A virtual hug for Pastor J. Sampson for allowing us to use his church)

As I hinted before, this is a FAMILY GameNight, so anyone ailing from any age group can join in on the fun. Admission is bringing a fun snack/desert (preferably but not exclusively finger-food) and your family's favorite game.This is not a dress up event, just come as you are, don't worry about great first impressions. Everyone present will be coming to have fun, so don't worry about looking fly, although that's cool too. :D

We plan to start at 6:30 (p.m.) and end around 9:30-10-ish. There should be plenty of snacks and games provided everybody brings a little something. In a perfect world, we'll have snacks, pop and other drinks, board games, other games like pool and air hockey, appropriate music playing softly in the background, and plenty of friends old and to be. All in all, it should be a fun event that we all can enjoy...

any questions?
Beyond a doubt there will be, and honestly should be, so you can [contact Tom Kordsiemon] with ANY inquiries.

So come on! Show us some love! We'll see you there...

Tom K.

Children's Museum: September 3rd

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum Play Date

Friday September 3, 2010
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
This event repeats every month on the first Friday until Friday September 10, 2010.
Next reminder:
The next reminder for this event will be sent in 6 days.
Seminole, OK Children's Museum
City State Zip:
Seminole, OK
Come & join us for a come & go play date at the children's museum in Seminole. We will meet at 10 & you are welcome to bring a sack lunch for your children if you would like. There is also a snack bar available. Family yearly passes are now $80. Open for all families with children of all ages, & a great way for those of us with MSC (Many Small Children) to connect with each other! ;) Hope to see you there!

Tara Lancaster

Aug 25, 2010

FALL SOCIAL: September 24th

Hey Everyone, The Fall Social is one month away!! We are getting very excited!! The Fall Social will be on Sept. 24th from 6-???? at our home in McLoud. [Call for directions].

We hope you all can come out and enjoy hay rides, a square dance lesson, fun games, and of course yummy food!! All you need to bring is a potluck dish and lawn chairs for your family. This will be a fun evening to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. We look forward to seeing you all. We will provide directions in a few weeks. If you have any questions, call us.
Thanks!! Ralph and Amy Puckett

Tea for Moms: September 18th

Hello ladies,

Mom’s night out is designed to be a support for you all. Each month we meet and usually discuss a topic related to homeschooling, family, child training etc. We also have time to visit and get to know one another. Those who have come have described it as encouraging, refreshing, helpful …

As with previous years we will be launching this year’s “Mom’s Night Out’s” with a brunch/tea. It will be 10:30, Saturday, September 18, at my house. We will have a short encouraging devotion and then spend time getting to know each other and eating.

I thought it would be nice to welcome our new members by having our returning members bring a small brunch type dish (breakfast casserole, quiche, muffins, fruit tray, scones, etc.) or some tea to share. If possible make several copies of the recipe of your dish to share with members.

If you could RSVP by September 15th that would help me plan accordingly, however, if you decide to come at the last minute that is OK.

Jeri Akin

SKATE DAY: September 13th

Hello everyone!!

Skate Day is starting up again with a new Day and Time!!

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Monday of every month starting in September!! We will meet in September, October, November,January, February, March, & April. 1:30pm to 3:00pm
At Star Skate in Shawnee at Hwy. 177

The first one is September 13th from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

$5 per skater (includes skates) Inlines and leather skates are $3 extra.

We have a minimum number of skaters to meet, so please RSVP with firm commitments (barring any accidents, illnesses, etc.) by Friday, September 10th.

Ghislaine (G'Laine) Washburn

Aug 18, 2010

Pott County Free Fair: September 8-11

It's time once again for the county fair! Mark you calendars and head on over to the Shawnee Expo Center on September 8-11. Take a look at the online fair book and plan your fair entries.

Oh, there's so much to do at the fair--visit the animals, the children's barnyard, the arts and crafts, horticulture, and scarecrow exhibits, the tractor show and contest, and of course you must ride the Ferris wheel at the carnival.

Show your talents by entering your art work, photography, culinary skills, sewing, quilting, or other hobbies for exhibit in the fair. Children and adults of all ages can enter, and you may even win a blue ribbon.
Don't forget the poster contest for children; the theme this year is "There is Magic in the Fair."

Clicking on the image below will open a new window in your browser where you can access the fair schedule and fair book with entry categories and guidelines.

See you at the fair!